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Kawasaki SX-R 1500 “Signature Series” Ride Plate
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Kawasaki SX-R 1500 “Signature Series” Ride Plate

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After several years of development we finally achieved the perfect balance of handling and speed.  The majority of aftermarket ride plates will provide a trade off when it comes to handling and speed of the watercraft, especially with a Stand Up.  Typically if you want speed you have a ride plate that has had the planing angle “lifted” or reduced to allow the nose of the ski to ride higher out of the water thus increasing top speed.  The problem with that is lifting the nose on a stand up makes them lazy in the corners and they will porpoise in any type of chop (rougher water conditions) which is always present in Closed Course racing.  On the flip side if you want a ski to handle the rough race conditions better you typically will increase the planing angle downward to achieve a more planted ride characteristic when on the throttle.  This will make the ski turn more aggressively and reduce the propoising in rough water conditions.  Adding length to the ride plate alone does not do much for the handling if the planing angle is not adjusted.  The added length has a similar effect as extending the wheelbase on a motorcycle, however there is always a point of diminishing returns when you go too far and hinder the handling by over compensating. 

With our “Signature Series” SX-R 1500 Ride Plate we did not just adapt our SX-R 800 design to fit the 1500 as this is a completely different beast of a ski.  We started from ground zero with a 3D scan of the OEM ride plate.  We then incorporated our dual chine/concave design with steeper transitions from the hull contours to the planing surface of the ride plate.  Unique to our twin chine/dual concave design is we are not simply adding “skeggs” to a flat ride plate in an attempt to increase tracking and cornering grip.  Our unique combination of the dual concave that smoothly transitions from the natural hull contours creates more surface area to grip the water when cornering.  Concaves or chines alone will give very little improvement over a flat ride plate.  We also manipulate the planing angle to get the nose attitude of this behemoth of a ski to stay planted in rough water, while not over doing it to where the nose wants to sub entering a corner.  Our ride plate is 1.0” (25.4mm) longer than the OEM ride plate which keeps the ski flat off the starting line and accelerating out of corners.  The most noticeable benefit recreational riders will notice is how easy the ski is to ride at high speeds in flat water whereas the OEM ride plate can induce fear with a strong tendency to speed wobble at full throttle.  That is completely eliminated with our ride plate with or without aftermarket rear sponsons.  The final benefit that both racers and recreational riders will appreciate is the increase in top speed.  We average 1.5mph increase in top speed on a stock 2019 SX-R compared to the OEM ride plate.  The only other modifications to our test ski were our intake grate and rear sponsons, however the same parts were used when comparing top speed of our ride plate to the OEM. 

Finally our loyal customers will appreciate the high quality they’ve come to expect with our products.  Every ride plate is cast aluminum from aircraft grade alloy, trued and heat treated and the mounting holes are CNC machined to fit without any modification.  They are finished with satin black powder coating and new stainless steel hardware is provided.

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