Mission Statement Print
TBM Racing Inc. was established in 2003 almost by necessity. Frustrated by the poor quality of aftermarket parts available to us we decided to start building our own. I have been designing and building parts for my personal race skis for years and my goal is to pass on this knowledge and innovation to our customers. If I will not use the product on my personal or team rider’s skis we would not release the product to the public. Racing is a large part of our product development even for the recreational products and is an excellent test bed for performance and reliability.

My number one goal is to give the public the same parts that are used on Pro caliber race skis, not some cost saving imitation that might resemble a “race” part. I will not claim to have the cheapest price, yet I will claim to have the highest quality parts on the market. We are rarely the first to market on any product as we will do more testing than any other company out there and will not have five versions of the same product, as we prefer to get it right the first time. Even though we began our existence in the stand up market we are very passionate about all personal watercraft and are dedicated to the runabouts as well. We pride ourselves on the extreme quality and performance of each and every product we bring to market and appreciate that a high percentage of our customers take the time to call or write to let us know how impressed they are after using the parts. Most of our customers have become good friends as we make ourselves available on the phone to answer tech questions and help with any aspect of the installation of our products.  You will not get some unknowledgeable sales person on the phone when calling us; you will get a highly trained personal watercraft technician that is as familiar with our products as I am.

We hope to continue our climb to the top of the personal watercraft industry with the help of you, our customers, and look forward to hearing feedback and input from you all. Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to helping you meet your performance goals into the future.

Best Regards,
Tim Bushman